Proceedings and Program for Workshop on Modelling Legal Cases and Legal Rules

in conjunction with JURIX 2010
December 15, 2010
Department of Computer Science, Ashton Building, Room 310
University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Workshop Proceedings
Workshop Program
Session I

    Welcome and Introductory remarks
    Steven van Driel (Utrecht University) and Henry Prakken (Utrecht University and University of Groningen)
    Visualising the argumentation structure of an expert witness report with Rationale (extended abstract)
    Thomas F. Gordon (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
    Analyzing open source license compatibility issues with Carneades
    Martyn Lloyd-Kelly, Adam Wyner, and Katie Atkinson (University of Liverpool)
    Emotional argumentation schemes in legal cases (short position paper)
    Short informal remarks

16:00-16:30 Tea
Session II

    Anna Ronkainen (University of Helsinki)
    MOSONG, a fuzzy logic model of trade mark similarity
    Adam Wyner and Trevor Bench-Capon (University of Liverpool)
    Visualising legal case-based reasoning argumentation schemes
    Burkhard Schafer (University of Edinburgh)
    Say “cheese”: natural kinds, deontic logic and European Court of Justice decision C-210\/89
    Short informal remarks

For general information, see JURIX 2010
By Adam Wyner
Distributed under the Creative Commons
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Legal Know-How Workshop Presentations

December 10, 2010, I gave a presentation at the International Society for Knowledge Organisation’s meeting on Legal Know-How. It was an interesting meeting, where I got the opportunity to present my work to members of the legal profession, hear what law firms are doing about knowledge management, and make some good new contacts.
The slides of all the talks, including mine, are available:
ISKO-UK Legal Know-How meeting
In a couple of weeks, ISKO will also add mp3s of the talks, so one can see the slides and hear the talks. Nice way to do things, as remarks and narration are almost more crucial than the slides themselves.
By Adam Wyner
Distributed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0