Auxiliary Materials for COMMA 2014 Submission

This page is a ‘stub’ for the paper, presentation, additional graphics, discussion, and implementation for:
An Isomorphic Encoding of Propositional Calculus as an Argumentation Framework
Adam Wyner and Federico Cerutti
Under review
The paper introduces AF_PC, which directly encodes the Propositional Calculus (PC) as a graph in a Dungian argumentation framework (AF) without instantiating arguments of PC as abstract arguments and without acceptability conditions. The truth tables of PC statements isomorphically correlate to stable extensions of the AF_PC. We translate PC formulae to AF_PC, give the semantics, and discuss logical consequence. Thus, we can reason in PC using the AF_PC as a computational model even in the face of inconsistent knowledge bases. AF_PC is thoroughly defined, and the isomorphism is proven.
Federico Cerutti has written an implementation that translates formulae of PC into an AF_PC graph. This implementation is available HERE.
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