Wyner Headshot

Dr. Adam Zachary Wyner

Lecturer in Computing Science

Department of Computing Science
University of Aberdeen
Meston Building, Meston Walk
Aberdeen, AB24 3UE
Scotland, UK

Phone number: +44 (0)1224 272292
Email: adam@wyner.info

My research interests are interdisciplinary, spanning language, logic, law, and software development. I have published on the syntax and semantics of adverbs, deontic logic, case-based reasoning, ontologies, text analytics, controlled natural languages, and argumentation theory. The blog represents some of this work along with reports of discussions, reviews of literature, workshops/conferences, developing research, etc.
Most of my recent research is about what could be called the Argumentation Pipeline, developing tools to extract arguments from texts that are distributed on the Internet and then providing the arguments to tools to reason defeasibly with inconsistent knowledge.
On the Academic Information page of the blog, you can find a brief outline of current and recent past academic work. On my Curriculum Vitae, you can find find further professional information along with links to recent publications; if you download the document and view it in Adobe Reader (rather than viewing just in your browser), you can use the links to access the papers. Publications are found either on the blog (with abstract and bibtex) or on the CV.

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