New publication in AAAI Symposium

I and my colleagues have a paper forthcoming in the proceedings of the AAAI Fall Symposium (November 2009) The Uses of Computational Argumentation. Trevor will have the honours of making the presentation at the symposium. Below please find a link to the paper and an abstract.
Adam Wyner
Instantiating Knowledge Bases in Abstract Argumentation Frameworks
Adam Wyner
University College London
Trevor Bench-Capon and Paul Dunne
University of Liverpool
Abstract Argumentation Frameworks (AFs) provide a fruitful basis for exploring issues of defeasible reasoning. Their power largely derives from the abstract nature of the arguments within the framework, where arguments are atomic nodes in an undifferentiated relation of attack. This abstraction conceals different conceptions of argument, and concrete instantiations encounter difficulties as a result of conflating these conceptions. We distinguish three distinct senses of the term. We provide an approach to instantiating AFs in which the nodes are restricted to literals and rules, encoding the underlying theory directly. Arguments, in each of the three senses, then emerge from this framework as distinctive structures of nodes and paths. Our framework retains the theoretical and computational benefits of an abstract AF, while keeping notions distinct which are conflated in other approaches to instantiation.

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